Bio-based Straws

100% biodegradable PLA

Available Sizes

6mm x 197mm wrapped         

7.4mm x 260mm wrapped

8mm x 197mm wrapped

6mm x 145mm unwrapped

Enjoy responsibly with #ecofriendlysip

Straws made from plants - 100% renewable and made from corn starch.

Biodegradable from nature to nature – the straws break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass in a temperature-controlled facility in less than 180 days.

On landfill the straws decompose in 18-24 months depending on the environmental conditions – far less time than plastic which can take up to 200 years.


Lower carbon footprint compared to plastic straws due to use of renewable material instead of fossil fuels. 

High performance and quality:

  • Durable, non-brittle, does not expand, soften or dissolve in your drink

  • Natural without any artificial colouring

  • Premium look and feel

  • Paper wrapped for most hygienic application

Quality approved according to UAE and international standards. Certified biodegradable and non-toxic.